About AEEC, American Excellent Education & Culture

In 2015, in order tobetter serve those desiring to enroll at schools in the United States, AEEC established the Shenzhen Culture Communication Co., Ltd. Our goal is to providethe highest quality of service to Chinese students wishing to study at United States High schools.

Some of the serviceswe offer are application guidance to United States schools. Other services include assistance with the process of visa applications and plane ticket purchases for both the student, as well as parents who want to visit their child. When the time comes, before high school graduation, we help students apply for United States universities. These services come without intermediary fees.

Each host family hasbeen rigorously screened before your child arrives in the United States. Using experience we have gained over years of success, we implement a system that continually monitors each student on a one-to-one basis.

For years ourshort term (2 to 4 weeks) immersion program (winter/summer) offers an opportuity for students andtheir parents to experience authentic U.S culture, by staying with a and visiting elite U.S. schools. This service helps both students andtheir parents to make a final decision on which schools they prefer.

AEEC has focusedon the Chinese teaching market for more than 10 years, and accumulated a wealthof experience which has successfully delivered a number of Chinese studentsinto the United States higher education institutions. AEEC is well aware of therequirements of Chinese parents and students' learning goals and habits; ourhighly efficient and professional teachers and logistics team in both China andthe United States provide a sound educational and management services. With the development of our offices in China, we will add more quality schools to jointhe United States. Let our students accept the most advanced education in theUnited States and prepare for the future at world famous universities(colleges).